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October 1, 2011


What a privilege and grace to have visited the SCOAN. It was the highlight of my life. To have experienced the power and anointing of Jesus Christ working through His servant Prophet T.B. Joshua bringing the scriptures to life. I indeed witnessed the book of Acts in Action. I saw the widows, orphans, less privileged, aged, short in stature blessed and many undiscovered talents of the less privileged youth discovered and given the opportunity to realise their dreams through school scholarship programs, sporting scholarships and many other caeer paths for the salvation of their souls. I saw first hand with my own eyes people with deadly diseases and cancers healed, demon possessed delivered, people who are paralysed begin to walk through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. I saw impossible situations with broken homes and marriages restored and reconciled through the gift of prophecy in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. It was very, very overwhelming and many times I would say to myself, “Is this really happening”. My faith was lifted into space so to speak with the amount of love been shown towards the needy and also the amount of miracles being wrought through there, you cannot leave that place and be the same, it is impossible. Go to and click ‘Watch Live’ to see it for yourself. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

 I left my country and embarked on a spiritual venture of developing my relationship with the Holy Spirit travelling across the globe to the SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria. I had faced many oppositions and well intentioned people advising me otherwise, but I wanted to seek God and know what life was really all about and indeed I experienced God in a powerful way.


 I arrived at the SCOAN grounds and the people received me with love and great hospitality, carrying my bags to the room where I was to stay. The first night I slept in the SCOAN was the best rest ever; there was just so much peace and comfort, it was like sleeping in a cloud of love and peace. Matthew 11:28 “Come unto me, all you who are weary, and burdened and I will give you rest”. I previously found it very difficult to sleep, tossing and turning in the night and struggling with nightmares and strange attacks but that first night there was just like what the psalmist said in Psalm 23 “He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul”. I was quick to realise that this is no ordinary place. A piece of heaven on earth.


I had the grace to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua in his surprisingly very small, humble office and as I walked in, he looked at me and smiled and an overwhelming force or presence, like a wave of love came over me and I boiled out into tears, I will never forget it. Truly it was the Holy Spirit, the spirit of Jesus Christ. Never before did I experience such incredible love, it was supernatural!


If you haven’t been to SCOAN, I recommend you go, it is the most life changing experience you will ever have. It is ‘The Arena of Liberty’. One of the most incredible spiritual places of the SCOAN is the prayer mountain resort of the SCOAN. First time I went I departed on a bus with other visitors and left for the prayer mountain about 10 minutes from the church. After a bumpy but fun short trip from the church, we had arrived at the entrance of prayer mountain resort. What an amazing place that is! Such a peaceful, holy like atmosphere. We continued on for a couple of minutes hearing worship songs in the distance, till we got to a large area with sand surrounded by water called ‘Mercy Land’, absolutely beautiful place. The vigil had already started with the locals singing and praising God.

 Prayer Warriors led and guided us with points of prayer, as we sought the face of God thanking Him for all the way along. We prayed for the forgiveness of our sins, for mercy and favour and many other requests to the Lord in humility and broken heartedness and by the end of the night worshipping and dancing like King David to the Lord. The atmosphere was electric. They really know how to pray there. I left the prayer mountain that day never the same, a great peace resided within me like I never had before; my dreams had changed, thinking had changed and I had a sensitivity toward others like I never had before. My depression and anxieties passed away and a new light and fire within me had ignited. Jesus is the best cure for depression, hallelujah! I recommend that everyone should experience the prayer mountain there at the SCOAN. After that vigil I had I felt a huge change in my general well being, I felt whole within and there was a continuous desire to pray. (

 To be continued


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