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Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesies the outcome of the match between Nigeria & Guinea

October 20, 2011

Praise the Living Jesus Christ, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesies the outcome of the Africa Cup Nations match between Nigeria and Guinea, predicting that the first team to score would win the match and yes it came to pass. Prophets did not die out with the old testament, truly there is a prophet in our midst.

Prophet T.B. Joshua said during the live Sunday service, “I was just sitting down and God was showing me the game between Nigeria and Guinea next week. How they started it, how they ended it. But what I saw was not favourable. I said, it was not favourable and if at this time we are stopped, it would be very bad. So, It was not favourable at all. Anyone that scores first, takes the day. But the game was not favourable, I saw it yesterday.”Is it Africa cup of Nations? Is it next Saturday? I saw it yesterday, I watched it.Prophet T.B. Joshua the biggest supporter of his nation Nigeria and its interests predicted the outcome of the match between Nigeria and Guinea. Upon watching the entire match a week early in a vision, he mentioned in the prophecy during the live Sunday service a week before the game that it was not a favourable. Prophet T.B. Joshua a big supporter of his country said that this is something that could not be done on his own and that was the problem he was facing. It reqiured corresponding action between himself and others to change the event. “Nigeria normally goes for a game, not to stop at the beginning. Africa for that matter. Africa cup of Nations is a small thing. We should be the one to champion them. Why should we be stopped at this? But with God all things are possible. But it is not something I can do alone. That is the problem I have. I cannot do it alone. If I could do it alone. I am a lover of football, I would pray and fast to ask God but it not possible for me to do it. We must agree and instruction will be given and you follow the instruction. If you follow the instruction, you carry the day. The way out was given for the Nigeria super eagles to change their African cup of Nations campaign if only the people involved would honour God and receive His instruction through his servant Prophet T.B. Joshua. However, no-one bothered to come and receive instruction and the result turned out exactly as prophesied by Prophet T.B. Joshua that the first team to score would carry the day. Guinea scored the first goal and ended up winning the match. I love football so much. That is why when it is time to play football, I want to know what is happening. I will pray, I want to know. Where people respect and honour God, what can we do? How can we go about it? The instruction would be given, Do this, this, this. You’d get it right. When people honour a prophet they receive a prophets reward. Where there is no vision the people perish. The nation of Nigeria are very, very blessed to have Prophet T.B. Joshua who is called to the nations. If only we can appreciate the grace God has given him. His track record of past prophecies for local and international concerns all coming to pass speak for themselves e.g. Nigerian elections, Universal studios and many others that obeyed the instruction of the prophet and received big breakthroughs in their careers such as President of Ghana, Atta mills and many, many others which are found in Prophet T.B. Joshua’s book of prophecies for the outgoing years “What the future holds”. A disappointing result for the super eagles who are one of the giants in Africa “You know your position in Africa. You are a giant of this Africa. This is Africa cup. We cannot just enter, we are not even starting the whole thing and we stop at the beginning. It will look very shameful. Come out as a giant. Lets honour God. Lets carry God along. Let us pray as if all depends on God and play football as if all depends on you… So, you are a giant? What is the meaning of Giant? What I am saying now is what I’ve seen. As a man of God, I saw it in a vision. I cannot do anything. But what can we do? That is it. Its God that showed me, its a vision. So don’t think that, Why This man saw it, why cant you do it?” No the thing is not like the way you think it is. That, ‘Didn’t he see it? Why cant he pray and change it? It is not possible like that. The two of us must believe to make things happen. We will not be able to do anything on our own without corresponding action. In the name of Jesus, you say what? Amen. That is corresponding action. My ‘in name of Jesus’ must come from my heart. Your ‘amen’ must also come from your heart. There is a lesson to be learnt here, when a God speaks, the wise listen. We must not wait for another sign from heaven to convince us of the paramount importance of making the most of life today. Just look at Prophet T.B. Joshua’s past track record and that will give you enough faith that yes he is sent from God. However, the prophet cannot do anything on his own, it takes two people to believe to change a situation. As Prophet T.B. Joshua said it takes coresponding action. We thank our Lord Jesus Christ for giving us a Prophet for the nations in this time.

Click on the link below to watch how it was said a week before the match.


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